Dear Self,

Sometimes I feel as though I am behind in accomplishing what I want to accomplish with my life. Reflecting on what my sisters have done by 25, I have not done near as much as them. Both of my sisters have had their schooling done by 24, and families started by 28. Both are married, and have children with their husbands.

I’m over here sitting, thinking, dang I can barely even get a text back from a guy.. Now I don’t know if it’s the ‘lifestyle’ that I have that is causing this delay. Or if it’s just a matter of people not wanting to date, etc. I’ve talked about this many times, and yet this still bothers me. Why is it so hard to find someone who’s goal oriented, smart, respectful, motivated, etc. Maybe I have too high of standards? NO! I will not allow myself to lower this high expectation for a partner. I will, eventually, be in a good place career wise, and I expect the same from a partner. (I will most likely talk about this more in depth in a later post).

But for now, Tylen, you need to just breath and let things work themselves out. There is someone out there for you, you just haven’t ran into him yet. You have already accomplished a lot, once you think about it. You already have 1 bachelors degree in Non-For-Profit Management, and are finishing up another one in May. You’ve been accepted into Grad School already, and are only 2 years away from a Masters.


Enjoy, and much love;


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