Meet Tylen

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Hi All,

I am Tylen: a corn-bred, tatted, coffee lovin’, vegetarian, psychologist from the Crossroad state of Indiana. I possess a BA in Psychology from Arizona Sate University, and just graduated with my Master’s of Social Work from ASU. Through my schooling I have done extensive research on social norms within the family units of the United States. I study not only: cultural differences, race, and differences within socioeconomic groups, but ways in which homosexual couples challenge society’s views on a ‘hetero-normative’ system. I have just finished my first big article titled, Str8 Masculinity: How ‘Authentic’ Heterosexuality Renders An Open Gay Identity Impossible.

I am a gay man, and with this comes it’s own set of challenges, knowledge, and experiences. I hope to have this blog in hopes to provide knowledge of my views within the LGBT community that not only is informative, but challenges your views and knowledge. I have spent the last 2 years, at least, researching and expanding my knowledge of not only information from an internal viewpoint of the LGBT Community, but an external point view as well. I hope to not only compare and contrast issues, but challenge stereotypical mind sets of the LGBT Community.

I also will not focus my whole sit in dedication to the LGBT Community for I enjoy studying  and talking about family units, relationships, issues arising in the cultural differences within society, race, and social norms – to name a few.

I hope that you appreciate this blog for what it is, and will be able to be challenged within your own view points to stand true to your current mind sets, or receive information that will challenge your current views.

Enjoy, and much love;


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